Senior Extra

Ever-changing advancements in healthcare allow us to live longer and improve our overall health. Providing the latest information about health advancements through monthly seminars and events is just one facet of Senior Extra.

Another component of this program is to help local senior adults cultivate relationships through social networking opportunities. This is where we need your help. By helping us spread the word about our Senior Extra services, you will be offering the community members you already know and love an additional opportunity to foster new relationships while learning life-enhancing skills that promote overall good health.

And, in order to make access to Senior Extra as simple and accessible as possible, we have created a website
where interested senior adults can sign up to become members by visiting
River Oaks Hospital is a solid community partner, and we want to offer you the opportunity to contribute to Senior Extra by partnering with us. Our goal is to expand and grow, enroll new members to the program and spread the word about our services.

To learn more, please visit Sign up for the newsletter and peruse the site to see what the program has to offer.