Breast Health Services

Making it easy for busy women to have screening mammography is one of River Oaks Hospital's highest priorities. Dedicated mammography units, a staff of highly trained technologists, and board certified radiologists and surgeons ensure high quality and prompt results. Our team of breast health professionals works together to provide the personal service that, coupled with the latest technology, provides the excellent breast care that our patients have come to expect.

The Suites at River Oaks offer digital mammography services featuring the Mammopad and CAD Imaging System.  The difference between standard and digital mammography is the way in which the images are recorded.  Standard mammogram images are recorded on film, while digital mammogram images are digitally captured and viewed on a computer screen within 8-10 seconds.  The physician can adjust the brightness, change the contrast and zoom in for close-ups of specific areas.  It also greatly reduces the need for retakes.