Prenatal and Childbirth Classes

To help prepare for the big event, several educational classes for parents-to-be and family members are offered on a rotating basis throughout the year at River Oaks. Please register by your 5th month to ensure class availability. To register for a class call 1-877-907-ROHC.  For a listing of dates and times of classes offered download a class schedule here or visit our "events" page.

Preparation for Childbirth
This is an intense and one of the most important of our educational series. The four-class program is designed to prepare you for the challenges of birth. This course consists of four classes, one per week. There is a $35 fee, payable at the first class, for this series.  Weekend childbirth classes are also available. Topics include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Labor and Delivery
  • Coping Strategies for Labor & Delivery
  • Postpartum Recovery  
  • Cesarean Birth

Refresher Childbirth Class
This class is for couples who have already birthed babies but need to polish their skills; or those who are hoping for a vaginal birth after a cesarean; or those who may simply be new to our facility and area. Emphasis will be on breathing and relaxation skills, as well as general discussion on parenting. There is a $20 fee for this class.

Whether you are simply trying to make a decision about nursing or if you are determined to succeed, this class will help. There is no fee for this class. Topics include:

  • The Normal Anatomy of the Lactating Breast
  • Normal Physiology of Breastfeeding: Supply & Demand
  • Practical Hints for The Working Mom
  • What Do I Need for Nursing?

Sibling Class
A "big kids" class to help brother and sisters, aged three to ten years, with the new member of their family! Parents also learn about the normalcy of the ambivalence that their child may exhibit. Parents and children will role-play with baby dolls, holding and caring for "their new babies." In addition, they will view a charming video and receive a tour of the facility. Upon completion, siblings will receive a graduation certificate and other gifts. Children are encouraged to bring a stuffed animal or doll. There is no fee for this class.

Infant CPR/Safety Class
Designed for parents, this class teaches CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver for infants. In an effort to prevent early childhood injuries, it also includes an overview of basic household safety. The class instructor is a nurse certified by the American Heart Association. There is a $15 fee per 2 people for this class, AHA book included.

Car Seat Safety/Grandparents Class
This class is designed for expectant parents and grandparents to learn about general safety for infants and children including car seat safety, household safety tips and basic first aid.  Please bring your car seat with you to the class.

Join a Registered Dietician for a discussion on healthy eating and weight gain for you and your baby. Attend this class early in your pregnancy to gain the most benefits. Class topics include essential nutrients needed during pregnancy, healthy weight gain, and special nutrition needs and concerns.