ER Extra

River Oaks Undergoes Emergency Room Transformation

We've opened a state-of-the-art Emergency Room that features private exam rooms, specialty care rooms and emergency specific imaging services. However, the most unique feature of the new ER is the interactive capabilities of the waiting area, taking the traditional ER to a 2011 concept.

The waiting area includes touch screen computers allowing visitors to learn more about River Oaks Hospital’s offerings including community events and seminars, surgical procedures and access to a physician database listing by specialty. Information on relevant healthcare issues and concerns is also accessible through the touch screen computer system.

Comfort and ease of flow was a major consideration during the design phase of the project. The waiting area and hallways feature large, colorful murals using cool, calming photography. Patients now enter through a private door and are directed to the registration area. From there patients are seated in the interactive waiting area and then on to a private exam room before circling back out through discharge.

We've also implemented an iPhone app designed specifically to provide wait times, a map to the hospital, a link to the main website and the phone number. This app can be used for those not requiring immediate emergent care. The goal is to help decision making in emergency situations extra fast and extra easy. Current wait times are also displayed on our homepage.