We've Delivered a 145,00 sq. ft. BABY

River Oaks Hospital opened a 145,000 square foot building addition on August 3, 2009.  Of the new 50 licensed beds, 15 will enlarge the hospital’s NICU, 13 will be designated for obstetrics and 22 for medical/surgical which primarily will be used for orthopedic patients.    

The Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is located on the second floor and will be considerably larger than the current unit.  The new space will allow for private or semi-private patient rooms.  Instead of the traditional main nurses' station, we will have several work stations for nurses, with everything nurses need to care for their patients located within close proximity to patients' rooms.  The rooms are set up in a ‘pod’ fashion and are designed to facilitate work efficiency for the nurses and enhance patient care.

The antepartum rooms, used to slow a soon-to-be mother’s labor, and postpartum rooms for use following the birth of a baby are located on the third floor.  All rooms are equipped with private restrooms, flat screen TVs, internet access, pull-out beds and are within close proximity to the newborn nursery.


The medical/surgical rooms are located on the fourth floor and will be used mainly for orthopedic patients.  Each inpatient room is equipped with a flat-screen television, a desk and wireless Internet connectivity, a larger restroom, a walk-in shower and a higher toilet for orthopedic patients.   Additionally, careful consideration was given to the views from patient rooms, and most rooms feature a view of the large rooftop garden, another design element focused on helping to promote a healing environment.


Why did we do this?  Be cause we are GROWING!  Rankin County has experienced tremendous growth since the hospital opened in 1981.  The population of Rankin County has grown by 20% in the last seven years. The population is expected to grow an additional 7% in the next five years bringing the population to 152,162.  

And this is not it!  This is the first phase of the new building for River Oaks Hospital.  Plans are currently underway to add additional services.  A ribbon cutting will be held on Thursday, July 30 at 2:00pm.

Watch out for a brother or sister next year.